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Drywall Repair: 4 Basic Ways to Repair and Patch Drywall

Posted on: October 25th, 2017 by Valheru75

If you go to any home in your neighborhood, you are guaranteed to find at least one place in the house where the drywall has been damaged and/or repaired. Unfortunately, most homeowner’s are afraid to tackle this project on their own. The good news is that drywall is pretty easy to fix, especially smaller holes, so it is something even a novice home owner can tackle. If the hole is really large (anything larger than 12 inches), it would probably be advisable to replace the entire sheet of drywall rather than creating a large patch. For all of the other drywall holes you may come across, here are some ideas:

Repairing Cracks Cracks will often occur when a house begins to settle, so it is not uncommon to find cracks in drywall in both new and old homes. The good news is that this is an easy fix. Take a razor blade or utility knife and create a v-shaped channel along the crack. Fill the crack with spackle or joint compound and then apply a mesh tape over the top (while the aluminum patch works well for holes, it is recommended that you use regular mesh tape for this application). Once the mesh tape is applied, cover that with spackle and feather out the ends. After it dries, continue to feather it out on a second application (third if need be). Once it is done, sand to a smooth finish.

Repairing holes Traditionally when you had to fix a hole in drywall, a contractor would try to square up the hole as much as possible and then put in wooden braces to support a new square of drywall. Luckily, they have created aluminum patches, which can go directly over the hole without having to square it up. The aluminum patch is strong enough to span larger holes, and yet thin enough to be covered over with a thin layer of spackle. They work the same way traditional drywall tape would work, where you put a layer of spackle over the mesh, let it dry, and then come back the next day to add a second coat with a larger trowel. I recommend sanding in between applications, but some people would say you could get away with just sanding after the second coat.

Repairing Nail and Screw Holes Since pictures and fixtures are often moved as frequently as furniture, you are often left with nail or screw holes that need to be fixed. Another common repair from screws and nails is when vibrations cause them to come loose. This is another easy fix. First, take the end of a trowel or screw driver, and tap in the edges of the hole to create a little crater. If the drywall is loose, nail or screw in a new fastener just below the existing hole. Take spackle and trowel it over the hole, filling it completely. Once it is dry, sand smooth.

Repairing Corners In more modern homes, metal corner bead was used to finish off the corners. It creates a nice crisp corner, but is easily dented. The good news is that as easily as it was dented, it can be bent right back into shape with a couple of soft taps with a hammer. Once you have hammered it back into shape, check the wall for cracks along the metal bead. If you find any, you will have to apply mesh tape over it. Once you have it taped, apply a coat of spackle, wait to dry, and then repeat the process. Afterwards, sand the patch to a smooth finish.

So rather than hiring a contractor to help repair any holes in your drywall, follow these simple steps and you can repair your own drywall (putting that money back in your pocket!). When you are searching for Cabinets for kitchen, RTA Cabinet Store has what you are looking for. Whether you are homeowner or contractor, the DIY aspect of RTA cabinets makes them a great alternative to high priced cabinets. Go to RTA Cabinet to save 30-40% on cabinets for kitchen.

How 2-For U: Drywall Repair – Patching a large hole in your wall.

Posted on: July 18th, 2014 by Valheru75

In this Just how 2-For U section, David Pucci of Valerio Paint & Makeover demonstrates ways to mend a big hole in your drywall such as that created by a kick.
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Drywall Installation Tool – An Easy, Better and Affordable Way to Hang Drywall by Yourself

Posted on: May 13th, 2014 by Valheru75

Drywall Installation Tool - An Easy, Better and Affordable Way to Hang Drywall by Yourself

The Hanger’s Advantage is a DIYer drywall installation tool that makes hanging drywall much easier with better results. The Wall mount’s Side can be purchase at
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Latest Drywall Installation News

Posted on: January 16th, 2014 by Valheru75

County teams did job on Administrator Mark Ridley-Thomas’ residence
Government employees did work with the garage of L.a Region Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ exclusive home, installing drywall, an a/c, appliances and a security system, baseding on sources accustomed to the task. The detached …
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Nice Drywall Installation photos

Posted on: January 2nd, 2014 by Valheru75

Some awesome drywall installation images:

Drywall installment in unidentified residence
drywall installation

Photo by City of Boston Archives
Title: Drywall installation in unknown house
Designer: Massachusetts Agency for Lathing and Plastering, Inc
. Date: circa 1960-1968
Source: Mayor John F. Collins documents, Collection # 0244.001.
File name: 244001_0296.
Rights: Civil liberty condition not reviewed.
Citation: Mayor John F. Collins documents, Collection # 0244.001, City of Boston Archives, Boston

Drywall Setup
drywall installation

Photo by jakeliefer