What is the best method of painting popcorn ceilings?

Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by Valheru75

Query by micropterushunt: What is the very best approach of painting popcorn ceilings?
I was curious if any members have had encounter painting popcorn ceilings and if so, could they share any tips, information or assets that would aid me. I am planing on performing this in excess of Christmas vacation.

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Reply by Red Velvette KY
butter or caramel would be my alternatives.
(okay, sorry, I could not assist it…)

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  1. judy_derr38565 says:

    I have painted several popcorn ceilings, use a longer nap roller, some of the popcorn will come off so be sure to cover floors and furniture, if you are planning on keeping the popcorn ceiling use a good semi gloss paint, this will help seal the popcorn and the extra sheen will reflect light.

  2. Sonny says:

    Right on ..Judy!!!

  3. lori_love_emmalee says:

    My best friend just painted her popcorn ceiling 2 times! I told her to use the Kilz primer first and then put on paint. The paint really soaks up in the popcorn ceiling and it is very difficult to paint with the Kilz it seals it and the paint goes on beautiful all over it looks the same on the first round some of her ceiling just sucked the paint right in without the Kilz. It is more work but it is worth doing it right the first time than doing it again! Good luck!

  4. saaanen says:

    And, make as few passes with the roller as you possibly can. 2 light coats will be better than 1 heavy one.

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