How to clean unstained wooden stairs after drywall installation?

Posted on: August 27th, 2013 by Valheru75

Query by LetMeAskYou: How to clean unstained wooden stairs soon after drywall set up?
After drywall installation I have a lot of spots of joint compound(mud) on the stairs. Stairs are not completed/stained. I am afraid if I apply water the white things from the joint compound will go within of the wood and I will have long term white spots on the stairs.
What are my options:
– scrape
– sand
– wash(?)

Thank you

Ideal solution:

Response by Joseph the Gray
If you paid a contractor to hang and finish the wall board, it is his or her responsibility to clean up their mess up when they finish. If that is not the case and it really is even now wet, wipe it up with a dry rag or paper towel and then yet again with a moist rag. If it truly is dry, for the thick ones, slide a wide putty knife like the kind you use to apply the 1st coat of drywall mud in a scraping motion without digging the blade into the wood. If it’s too thin to scrape up, just moist wipe it to dissolve it and wipe it up. If you intend to stain them, you will have to prepare them at that time which includes sanding if and in which essential.

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  1. Jeff D says:

    I’d worry more about too much water staining the wood or raising the grain too much, so I’d modify your procedure slightly: scrape, wipe, sand.

    Get a plastic putty knife and scrape as much off as you can. Use a sponge with plain water to clean off the rest (wring out the sponge to minimize the amount of water on the floor). Then give the stairs a light sanding.

  2. pawsalot says:

    I have done commercial cleaning and dry wall mud doesn’t really stain. we just pick off the mud then take a stiff dry brush and get rid of any residue

  3. pat w says:

    try a natural wood oil to soften the stain . teak oil or similar if it is a darkish wood,

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