How To Apply Snowtex/Popcorn Ceilings

Posted on: July 11th, 2013 by Valheru75

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  1. Philippe Allaire says:

    We usually always spray before texture, but not this time since the old texture needed to be repainted as well, and we weren’t doing the painting. But you are right, we did have problems down the road, and had to come back and fix it again after the painter came through, since we do guarantee our work. So I learned from my mistake, always prime the ceiling before texturing … Wish someone would of told me before I did the work lol. Someone lived in the house too so it was a big headache. Thx

  2. Philippe Allaire says:

    I have done some knockdown patch jobs, not to many but some. And we found that when your applying the mud to be knocked down on the patch, make sure you spray a big area. Like don’t just spray the patch, spray around as well so that when you knock it down it blends together fairly well …

  3. Claydough M says:

    Ashleyhat mentioned made a good point….that’s bare drywall….know when you walk into some stipple jobs and start rolling them out then lots of areas are separated & start to break off and cover your roller? That’s because the job was not primed before spraying your stipple….its going to separate from the drywall over time because of the humidity spikes….hope you don’t warranty your work 😀

    but enjoyed the application process

  4. ashleyhat says:

    also do you no much of a level 5 finish .. im starting to get requests on them lately would prefer the spray application method .

  5. ashleyhat says:

    do you do many knockdown patch jobs and how do you do them .. thanks

  6. Philippe Allaire says:

    Well this is a fix up and we are trying to match up the old, usually we wouldn’t lay it on so thick …

  7. ashleyhat says:

    u lay that on pretty thick hey

  8. Valerie C says:

    I have a popcorn ceiling. If I were to temporarily use a portable dance pole (called the X-Pole) that just requires that you find the beam+ the round top of the dance pole pushes against the popcorn ceiling…i’ve been warned z popcorn will fall off/get ruined/i’d have to repair it.IF I attempt this, is ther a type of rubber or mat material that can go in between z ceiling+ z top of pole to protect the popcorn? What material could be fastened to ceiling to protect it from damage? Thank you.

  9. CptCool2 says:

    Why would you ever?

  10. Philippe Allaire says:

    I sorry I didn’t notice that the comment was on this video. In this video we didn’t paint the ceiling first because the old ceiling needed to get repainted aswell, and why not paint overtop of everything all at once. Any line ? We didnt’ get lines, but I also didn’t do the painting here, we usually paint underneat the texture first. Only not this time since this was a retexture, matching old to new, its was an addition.

  11. ashleyhat says:

    but dont the lines wer the mud shows through on the ceiling still show

  12. ashleyhat says:

    who the fuck r u health an safety dick head

  13. farleycl1 says:

    no mask?…….

  14. Philippe Allaire says:

    We do it this way so that when your painting your walls, you only have to cut in the ceiling line with a brush one time 🙂

  15. ashleyhat says:

    why u not paint the ceiling first bro

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