How To Install Drywall

Posted on: March 20th, 2013 by Valheru75

How to install drywall. “JasonStrikes” creative spin on construction/ How to… videos Youtube Howto & Style Follow Me On Twitter:…

Shannon from shows you how to hang drywall. Includes tips on cutting sheets, cutting out for switch and receptacle boxes, w…
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  1. kraziikilla23 says:


  2. adrianefcrx says:

    Quick question how do you know how many screws to put in the dry way an were to line up with the stuffs

  3. adonisjordan1991 says:

    This Is A Good Video/Demonstration. Keep Up The GREAT Work!!! Now I Know How To Put Up Drywall The Quickest And Easiest Way, Thanks To U!!!

  4. radngnarlysk8 says:

    HAHA! I found my dad watching this video and I’m a PVPEEP so it was really ironic. Keep up the howto videos bro my dad watches em.

  5. viola100able says:

    I like your video; I do not know zilch about walling thanks for teaching.

  6. emutiny says:

    why not just measure ffrom the top?

  7. Tony DiRocco says:

    wow this guy wouldn’t last one sheet on a reel job
    hes slow as shit and doesnt do anything the right way
    simply another jerk off who thinks hes a drywall mechanic

  8. Tony DiRocco says:

    whoever demos a wall like this is a fucking moron
    all your doin is making a huge mess

  9. cbclaudia01 says:

    I watched this video because my landlord is putting up a wall for me today and I wanted to see what that entails. Good video,thanks

  10. Jerejc239 says:

    Nice work, thanks for the videos.

  11. 12GaugeTommy says:

    great vid very informative

  12. Chuck Carroll says:

    did he really yell boss before he started pulling the wall off..

  13. Bob Redmond says:

    EXCELLENT! I DID learn a lot but I didn’t hear anything after the {c}rap started. If you would have put some Skynyrd on I would have paid more attention! But GREAT VID! rap=YECH

  14. Crocko900 says:

    Like.I have a school project and I have to lrean

  15. roughryder5 says:

    Not too shabby SAAAAN

  16. Philip DiGavero says:

    There is alot more quicker and easier way to install drywall using a brand new patented product called Mark-n-Cut Transfer Sheets.
    They make measuring a thing of the past. They make your instal a breeze eliminating measuring mistakes and anyone can use them.

    It is as easy as Stick, Tap and Cut.  Check them out at

  17. fastnfuriousinnit says:

    I used to do that job. But in the UK it’s called ‘tacking’. Putting up the ceilings is the worst part, that’s back breaking work. Thanks for sharing your video.

  18. I3uLLeTz82 says:


  19. luiscalcocer says:

    pvp dope fresh nation

  20. dempsters2 says:

    Pvp jasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

  21. THEMRT9999 says:

    PVP Brought me here!!!!

  22. Jinx Battle says:

    PVP Brought me here! SAAAAAn

  23. joshrawks21 says:

    Love DIY videos you learn something and when you need to DIY comes out cheaper!

  24. moose6007 says:

    He was ripping the insilation at the beginning haha

  25. MrHardeep299 says:

    ur a bawwsss

  26. HouseImprovements says:

    It sure will make things easier for you. you can do it with out though.

  27. Empias Kater says:

    Hello,thanks,learned alot 😀 but do you need the special gypson drill piece to put on your drill?or can u use a normal one? 😀

  28. Romualdo Gargiulo says:


  29. Ciprian Mioc says:

    great job explaining everything. thank you

  30. ROADBKK says:

    Great instructions, you are good teacher, I appreciation this video much very much thank you.

  31. nadamal says:

    obviously you know what you’re doing technically – but your videos are awesome because you explain things so clearly.

    I’m about to do some home reno drywalling for the first time and your videos make it so much easier. thanks a lot, Adam in Vancouver.

  32. U2fan933 says:

    Awesome video, thank you!

  33. keylineservice says:

    Хорошее видео!

  34. Karin Hurt says:

    thanks very much. great video

  35. LEOTECHMUSIC says:

    great video very informational!!!

  36. HouseImprovements says:

    You can see that done! Go to my you tube channel and look for the video on installing bullnose corner bead. I do the video using the same opening you watched me drywall.

  37. BIGAL1214 says:


  38. TheHifzmaster says:

    Excellent, you are really a professional.

  39. apyouvedoneitagain says:

    excellent attention to detail. thanks!

  40. RoofingContractors4 says:

    Nice how to videos on your channel, thanks.

  41. bakdoctor says:

    Nice job. Thanks.

  42. HouseImprovements says:

    Sorry no shed video at this time, but keep watching!

  43. Brandon Helmin says:

    Any chance you doing a video on building a shed?

  44. Mike Hanrahan says:

    Excellent video. Nice work

  45. TheMakyato says:

    this is 1 of few good videos on youtube . respect and happy new year to all

  46. cccamey70 says:

    Hay man you just like to much

  47. John Rambo says:

    great video!

  48. HouseImprovements says:

    Floating the ceiling to wall joint refers to not placing any screws in the ceiling board any closer than about 16″ from the walls.This allows the trusses to move slightly with the seasons (truss up lift) and not disturb the drywall by causing cracks and screw pops. In the video that I showed here we were in a basement so truss uplift is not an issue.

  49. Elmatadore127 says:

    what does he mean by: floating ceiling to wall?

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