How To Repair Drywall – Large Hole

Posted on: July 18th, 2013 by Valheru75

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  1. brynneybear11 says:

    I kicked a hole in the wall My parents are going to kill me

  2. blacklabel416 says:

    Replace punch with kick in my case.

  3. ReNiUIT says:

    y not use a drywall knife…xtra work using a utility knife

  4. Marquis6118 says:


  5. says:

    The easiest way I found is to purchase a spray texture. It will have directions on the can to achieve the style of texture on your wall.

  6. Cesar Aribal says:

    Had sex*

  7. themrhelperguy says:

    If you got all day

  8. 212Warriors says:

    My walls have a textured finish?.. how do i do that?

  9. ItsBlack24 says:

    *Raises Hand*

  10. Victor Ramos says:

    butt in the wall

  11. RedSeven Dawgfourteen says:

    Haha. U R SO RIGHT!!!!!
    I Lost it. Now I gotta fix it quick b4 landlord sees.

  12. Romel Caldwell says:

    I have bigger whole

  13. Chris Landers says:


  14. howtopaintinfo says:

    If you need to know how to paint the wall after repairs check out my video’s.

  15. GbRedemptiionn says:

    I threw a chair into a wall…thanks for the help!

  16. Daniel Khaddaj says:


  17. Mashanda Lazarus says:

    Thanks for this video! Will do this myself in the garage.

  18. says:

    It should work just fine. Also sometimes it can be easier to replace a half or a whole sheet of drywall if the damage is too severe. It really depends on your circumstances.

  19. Kalavere says:

    I have a huge hole from an electric fireplace that was mounted inside the wall. Will this baton trick work for a 1 ½ ft tall and ¾ ft wide hole?

  20. Hunter00991 says:

    Good video, thanks

  21. Bowen Xu says:

    you save me 300 bucks

  22. Jae Zee says:

    isnt hard to sand the quick set ive done a little bit of taping and that stuff is terrible to sand and the stuff ive use sometimes shine through the paint.

  23. says:

    That could be a whole other video. Hopefully some of our viewers could help out with your question too. I’ve seen people fill the joint with special mesh tape and then Thinset. And then caulk the seam along the tile once prime and paint are done. It looks better if you replace the drywall floor to ceiling though. You should be able to find more detailed instructions by searching for “drywall to backer board transition” Watch out for mold and be sure to check your local codes.

  24. Prentiss Douglass says:

    What if my damaged d/w is adjacent to the shower tiles? I don’t actually have a hole but the d/w is damp due to compromised caulk at the intersection of the tub and tile. I can check to see if it’s wet behind the tile, but I’m curious how I mud the edge that is flush with the d/w behind the tile. ty

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