Q&A: What is a popcorn ceiling?

Posted on: May 16th, 2014 by Valheru75

Question by Carl: Just what is a popcorn ceiling?
Somebody said that a popcorn ceiling should be unlawful. Just what are they talking about?

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Response by rocco
to some individuals it is very ugly, but others like the look. it is typically called a acoustic ceiling most preferred in the 60 and 70, s. several of the material might have asbestos in it.

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  1. unknown? says:

    Popcorn ceilings are a stucco spray texture.
    It is applied by using a compressor and a hopper with a special gun.

  2. KONG says:

    Popcorn ceiling was once very popular. The upside of popcorn ceilings was it hides imperfections on the ceiling like cracks and bad joins for example.

    The downside is it’s a pain in the neck to remove once you are sick of it. (I think that’s why some people say it should be illegal) It’s also very hard to keep clean.

    It’s one of those things that you either love the look of it or you hate it.

    I personally hate the look of it and always wonder what it’s hiding.

  3. imagine2 says:

    yes, this is a type of ceiling texture. it looked as if your popcorn maker blew the top off and it stuck to the ceiling. does hide most imperfections.but it is butt ugly and cheap looking. you will never find this in a nicer, upscale home. if you scrape something on it , it will start falling. ugggly.

  4. spooky 1 says:

    It always looked more like cottage cheese than popcorn to me.
    Back in the day, some accoustic ceiling spray mixes had asbestos in them. the asbestos is only dangerous if the fibers are airborne, which they won’t be if ya just leave it alone !
    no one seems to like the look anymore. but who spends that much time looking at the ceiling anyway.

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